Form Measuring Instruments

Form Meauring Machine

We have a complete range of Mitutoyo form measuring instruments, accessories and peripheral. The range includes Surface Roughness Measuring Machines, Contour Measuring Machines, Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring Machines.

Contour Measuring Instruments Contracer

Determination and evalution of contours is a highly demanding measuring task. Mitutoyo as the world-wide most versatile supplier of production-related measuring technology offers a sensibly structured product range of sophisticated solutions in this performance-oriented area. The Contracer series comprises different models from practical mobile instruments over Holoscale technology to complex CNC-controlled systems for automatic serial measurement.

Surface Measuring Instruments Surftest

The series Surftest offers versatile handheld models, instruments to be employed mobile as well as stationary and stationary high-performance systems for measurements in measuring rooms and laboratories.

Form Measuring Instruments Roundtest

The Roundtest instruments are designed for all-around perfect inspection of rotation-symmetric workpieces. This series provides various designs from the very easy-to-operate compact instrument with integrated printer to the high-accuracy reference model.